First blog post of all time!

Welcome to my new blog space intended for comedy writing about running, science and music

Waiting tables and pouring latte art has financed all of the content on this website dated mid-2019 to today.

Welcome to! A new hub for my content spanning a handful of, not always complementary, fixations. My first personal website,, went live in June 2018 as a primarily academic website. It had some footnotes to my other interests, but was built specifically for the eyes of potential employers. I never said ‘‘fuck’’ on But things are changing…

Firstly, the domain extension. No one has time to comment on things, those that do occupy a beautiful few percentages of our population. When launched there wasn’t public commenting, but a few people privately messaged me, laughing at my ambitious organization designation. It made some sense to me because it was a well-known extension and I’m not a commercial entity. But now that I am a co-founder of an actual nonprofit organization, I decided to switch my personal website to the trendy .io extension.

While this website still has a comprehensive presentation of my science, I decided to ditch the selective resume format and host all of my creative fields in on one central – and not social media – location. Am I still applying for postdocs with a link to this website on my CV? Yes 😅, but I guess I’ve decided to be my whole self here, which means expect inline emojis and jokes about eating Tide Pods.

This new website has an uncomplicated comments section on all posts, articles and projects and I challenge you to be in the few percent who leave a comment, joke, question or criticism.

Sam Herreid
Sam Herreid
glaciologist, runner, musician, writer

My research interests include rock debris on glaciers, advancing regional to global scale glacier modeling and restructuring the financing of climate science.