See-G(IS code)

GIS-based research is a perfect medium for visual learners, however, as your analysis becomes more sophisticated you might end up using a strictly programming environment. In the process of writing a method only with code, a visual learner might miss seeing what is actually happening. See-G(IS code) is a tool to see your method in action and possibly identify redundancies. After defining directories

baseMap = r"" # .shp (optional)
arcGisProject = r"" # .aprx
frameFolderPath = r""

importing the required packages

import arcpy
import sys
from inspect import currentframe
# See-G local
import config
import mod

useSeeG = 'yes'

and calling some arcpy function


all you have to do is add the following

makeFrame(output, useSeeG, arcGisProject, baseMapLayer, frameFolderPath, lineNumber(), sys._getframe().f_code.co_name)

to export a frame of this step in your method which is pushed to a timelapse video at the end of your process. Currently this tool only works for ArcGIS, which is annoyingly not open source, but I think is still the industry standard (I pay $100 annually for a full pro licence.) The GitHub repo for this tool is here.

Sam Herreid
Sam Herreid
glaciologist, runner, musician, writer

My research interests include rock debris on glaciers, advancing regional to global scale glacier modeling and restructuring the financing of climate science.